Define legal trust

Things work out if one only trusts. He does not trust his children out of define legal trust sight.

We trust her to improve the finances of the company within the year. Will you trust us till payday? She left money to her uncle to keep in trust for her children. Others have taken the stage to tell women to just work harder and trust in karma.

If she wants voters to believe and trust in her, she must court favor with the local pastor, Jeremiah. In order for a reunion to happen, it would take a high level of trust, musically, on everything that happened. Maybe at one point I would have envied these students who grew up in privileged families so often laden with trust funds. The more we learn about the government these days, the less we can trust it. I know, better than you possibly can, what reasons I have to trust the strength of his affection.

I got to trust you wholly in these matters, and I know I can do it, too. That he is afraid to trust banks, and hides his money in the earth. I don’t like to trust any man too far. I trust he is not running after the new doctrine of the hawkers and pedlars.

Meaning “businesses organized to reduce competition” is recorded from 1877. A combination of firms or corporations for the purpose of reducing competition and controlling prices throughout a business or industry. Trusts are generally prohibited or restricted by antitrust legislation. 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. He was the proprietor of a grimy chicken joint in Rochester, New York. Seyed, the proprietor, tells us that there is always a way to keep the police quiet.

Once I was pregnant, I embraced my own femininity and settled into my role as decision maker and proprietor. In the spring of 2012, Don Sammons, the sole resident and proprietor of Buford, decided it was time to sell the 147-year-old town. In recent years, Loeb, founder and proprietor of Third Point has gone and acquired stakes in companies like Yahoo! Stepping into the store, he attracted the attention of the proprietor. The State authority was to be the purchaser, and the occupier was to be the proprietor. The lawyer’s brows were knit as he faced the proprietor of the store.

This proprietor was a man of great opulence, and a relative of Naomi. Would it be possible for me to speak to the proprietor a moment? In general sense of “one who holds something as property” it is attested from 1640s. Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones. What Character Was Removed from the Alphabet? What mistaken pronunciation gave this character its name? Apostrophes 101 This small mark has two primary uses: to signify possession or omitted letters.