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They are called other names in some states, like Health Care Directive. You will receive the proper Living Will form for your State. Some States use a Living Will and others a Heath Care Directive. You will receive what your State uses. This is a Sample Living Will.

But you must obtain the form required by your State. If I should have an incurable or irreversible condition with no hope of recovery that will cause my death within a relatively short time, and I am no longer able to make decisions regarding my medical treatment, I direct my attending physician, pursuant to the Common Law and the Arkansas Rights of the Terminally Ill or Permanently Unconscious Act, to withhold or withdraw treatment that only prolongs the process of dying and is not necessary to my comfort or to alleviate pain. Additionally, if I should become permanently unconscious, I direct my attending physician, pursuant to the __________ Rights of the Terminally Ill or Permanently Unconscious Act, to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatments that are no longer necessary to my comfort or to alleviate pain. 0 Other Medications not Necessary for Alleviation of Pain. Add other medical directives, if any: _______________________________. I understand that Arkansas law requires me to make my wishes regarding artificial nutrition and hydration known separately from the above directions. DIRECT that artificial nutrition may be withheld or withdrawn after consultation with my attending physician.

DIRECT that artificial hydration may be withheld or withdrawn after consultation with my attending physician. SIGNED this ________ day of _______________________________ 20________. We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that the Declarant, _______________________________ subscribed this Declaration of Living Will in our presence, and we, at his or her request, in his or her presence, and in the presence of each other, signed as attesting witnesses, and we do further certify that the Declarant appeared to be eighteen years of age or older, of sound mind, and acting without undue influence, fraud or restraint and that his or her signature was voluntary. What is a Living Will and Why Does One Really Matter? The legal and emotional battles the family of patient Terry Schiavo endured over her end-of-life decisions and removing her life support systems made national headlines.

If you know how to make a living will, you can save your loved ones such expense and trauma. Although the term living will may sound like a last will, it doesn’t have anything to do with how to avoid probate of your estate or distribution of your assets to heirs. How to Make a Living Will A living will form may be provided to your physician and other healthcare providers, allowing them to follow your wishes for medical care. The form states whether you wish your life to be artificially prolonged if you are a patient with a catastrophic illness or accident. The form must comply with the laws of your state, since the laws vary by state. When living wills are combined with the appointment of a healthcare agent, they are often referred to as advance directives for medical care.

If the advance healthcare directive provides for the appointment of an agent to make care and treatment decisions, the agent should not also serve as a witness. Many forms also allow you to appoint a successor health care proxy in case the first health care agent is no longer able to serve. Living wills may also be used to express your wishes for organ donations and final arrangements. You may use an example of a living will form for your state, or you may download a statutory living will form that copies statutory language in state statutes. Both types of living will forms are equally valid, since the forms and living will samples offered by USLegal are state-specific and all of our advance medical directive forms are regularly updated to comply with state law. A healthcare power of attorney or other medical directive doesn’t take effect until a medical expert determines you are permanently unconscious. An advance directive form may be freely revoked while you are still competent and not incapacitated.

A copy of your advance medical directive form should be provided to any healthcare agent you appoint, your doctor and other healthcare providers, and any close friends and relatives whose cooperation may be needed. Medical Treatment Options for You to Decide Upon When you make an advance directive for healthcare or form for living will, you will need to make medical care decisions in advance. Artificial ventilation is a procedure for providing oxygen to you through mechanical means when you are unable to breathe on your own. Artificial nutrition and hydration provides fluid and nutrition through intravenous means or a tube when the patient is unable to be fed. Dialysis cleans your blood and maintains proper fluid levels when your kidneys fail. Pain medication can ease discomfort for a patient but may affect awareness of surroundings. CPR if your heart stops beating.